lost creature(s) tsunami

Yahoo bought Tumblr?
Yah blew it Tumblr.

  • me : I should probably exercise to lose some weight.
  • me : I'll go for a run.
  • me : lets make that a jog...
  • me : okay, okay a walk,
  • me : nah, just a good sit down.
  • me : I'm exhausted.

  • Me : I don't even feel accepted on Tumblr. TUMBLR, the social networking site for teens with all the "problems" and I can't even join in. Ugh. Might as well make a twitter account.


I can’t believe Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, bought tumblr


  • Tumblr : you have 2 followers
  • Me : am I famous already?

  • Blogs : Follow for Grunge
  • Blogs : Follow for black and white
  • Blogs : Follow for pastel
  • Me : followings for pedophiles